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I'm  Kristina

I was in kindergarten when I learned that freedom of creativity isn’t as free as it should be. That for the most part we are taught to conform, blend in, be the same as everyone else.  That going against the grain somehow means you’re strong-willed or stubborn with the implication that those are bad traits to have.

When I started school we were only allowed to paint with one colour at a time. “Suppose to learn our colours” (insert eye roll here) If that didn’t frustrate me enough we had a special Christmas picture to paint as a gift for our parents and the teacher HELD MY HAND and directed me in painting it! As a result I learned that not everyone understood creative freedom or exploration.

Then there was the day that I secretly drew a BEAUTIFUL queen in the most gorgeous lacy dress, flowing hair and jeweled crown on a plain white school flashcard that just had the letter Q on it. It definitely needed sprucing up if you asked me but they hadn’t asked and when I got in trouble for it I’ll never forget what the teacher said “Kristina, I don’t think it could have been you that drew this queen on here because it’s too good. Maybe you just did the crown?” Relieved I didn’t get into bigger trouble I didn’t correct her but I’ll never forget the anger I felt at being underestimated that day.

I could never handle just conforming to fit in or not pushing the boundaries just a bit to see what would happen. I’m a freedom seeker and struggle greatly with regimented ways which didn’t make me easy to teach or parent often leading me to think there was something wrong with me when in reality it’s that somewhere along the way we start to be afraid. Afraid to stand out too much, afraid to be different or rock the boat so we teach our children to conform, to do the same painting as everyone else, use the same colours as everyone else. What if we didn’t? What if we listened to our inner voices that said “Try the blue paint instead, tell them you drew that beautiful queen and damn the consequences!” What if we embraced our desire for self-expression? It’s a journey that will make your soul grow and I really want that for you too.

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When we give ourselves permission to push the boundaries creatively we give ourselves freedom and make our souls grow

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I  help creative thinkers foster their imagination and stir the soul, encouraging daring artistry that challenges the status quo and inspires emotional connections.

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The Inside Scoop

I used to be a competitive diver!

If there was ever a sport invented that required putting your fear aside and just going for it diving is it! I love heights and leaping off of them and I often still have diving dreams even though I haven't done in now in over 20 years!

I can't be without dogs. 

I thought I could when we said goodbye to our last girl but lasted only 3 months. My home and my heart is just too empty without and so we now have two but I dog sit often just to make sure they truly outnumber me!

Soccer Obsessed

Never paid it any attention until I started playing it at the age of 38 and that's all it took to start the love affair! My son plays at a high level and we have seasons tickets to our local professional team so we can often be found in our own conversations that no one else cares about!

I love gardening

If I wasn't doing my art business you would find me in the yard and in fact when the weather gets nice I have a hard time concentrating on work. Another form of creating that brings me so much fulfillment

I have three kids

We planned two but got a bonus and now I can't imagine life with less!
Contrary to what others often feel my favourite stage is the teen years. I love it the best so far. Real conversations. Real people. Their own personalitites!

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