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Environmentally Positive Resin?

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

I pour a lot of resin. A lot. It's not lost on me that this can have an impact on the environment and my overall health. With so many resins on the market how do you know where to start? Everyone proclaims to be "the leader", "the safest", "the best" but how do you REALLLLY know if that's true? Well, there is research of course but even that can lead you astray when companies make statements that may or may not be true. How do you sort through the fiction to find the facts? If you're like me, chemistry is not your thing. (Or maybe it is then all the power to you!) When you read some of the big words and the safety data sheets it can be very confusing if you aren't familiar with the actual manufacturing process and chemical make up of epoxies.

That's why I was super excited when I was introduced to Nerpa Polymers Epoxies. Cutting through the mumbo jumbo Nerpa not only manufactures their resins in a more environmentally friendly manor right here in Calgary, Canada but they are also completely transparent about everything from the manufacturing process, ingredients and the actual science behind it all. After trying many different resins and researching many more I have yet to find another company so transparent about their product and process. After speaking with them face to face and learning about these processes and products it was a no brainer for me to make the switch.

Let me try and break down some of the reasons I am now using Nerpa for all my projects.

  • Nerpa Polymers does not use Nonylphenol in their products. This is very rare in resins that have a 1:1 ration and I implore you to read all the details HERE about why a Nonylphenol free resin is an obvious choice for your health. A lot of the large resin companies on the market are buying resin in bulk from China and slapping their labels on it so do they even really know what is in the resins they sell?

  • Nerpa Polymers is made responsibly with bio-based content from recycled glycerol. RIGHT. HERE. IN. CANADA. You can read more about this process and learn why this is better for our environment HERE.

  • They're helpful and available! When is the last time you could actually chat with the chemist who made your resin? Or had a company be able to thoroughly answer your questions without sending you somewhere online or to a FAQs page because they don't actually know the answer themselves? Want truthful, honest and education responses to the questions you may have? They will answer them for you and answer them truthfully. No sugar-coating and false-claims to make sales, you will get the truth and transparency which I'm finding is rare these days and also the reason I have never partnered with any company before in all my years of business until now. I've always claimed that I want to be different than the rest in the industry so when I read those exact words on Nerpa's site I knew I'd found my match. No nonsense, cut to the chase!

If you're read this far you probably want to ask the big question though, right? But how do you like it, Kristina? Well, I love it! It's got a nice, high-viscosity which makes it easy for me to do my "finger painting" style with. A long working time so I can do my big batches of product without panicking I'm running out of time and I find it to be the most clear resin I've worked with. Very minimal micro bubbles so when I create my layered pieces they are super clear! Also low odor which is nice when I work in my home!

As with any resin no matter how much safer it may be ALWAYS use proper PPE and work in a well ventilated area.

Want to try Nerpa for yourself? Use this link and when you purchase the 3L Casting Epoxy or 4L Coating Epoxy you will receive a 0.75L Casting or 0.5L Coating kit for free!


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