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The Epoxy Posse

New to the world of epoxies? Already been at it awhile? Maybe you're a consumer who just really likes the products that people can make with resin. No matter where you fall in these categories there will be questions. A lot of questions.

In a planning effort for my future tutorials and courses I took a deep dive into a whole bunch of resin social media groups so I could get an ear to the ground, find out what people are up to and get an idea of what direction I want to take things. Any and all groups where people come together to chat about projects, show off their work and ask questions. I have learned a lot and one of the biggest things I've learned is that the same questions get asked over and over again and the answers are all over the map from very informative to downright wrong, misleading information. So many times I've put palm to forehead saying to myself, "no, no, no! That is wrong!" People don't do it intentionally. They either just don't know or most likely they've been misinformed themselves.

Why so much misinformation? Often people aren't doing their own research and instead they are taking the words of others on social media at face value or a big one - the company they buy their resin from doesn't really know the answer so they make it up! A lot of resin selling companies are buying their resin from third parties and slapping their own label on it without actually knowing much about the product they are selling. Marketing plays a huge role in what information a company will tell you so it can be tough to weed through the facts vs. marketing.

This is why when I connected with Nerpa Polymers I was over the moon excited. Why? Because I now have an actual chemical engineer that develops his own epoxy at my disposal. It's like having the chef join you at your table to tell you everything about the ingredients and cooking processes involved in the meal you're eating. Nerpa offers what we are all after - expertise, education and TRANSPARENCY.

So here's what we are going to do. Coming soon we will have the Epoxy Posse series where we are going to chat with Nerpa to get some real facts and real answers to some of the most commonly asked question.

Some topics we'll be covering?

  • Resin and food safety

  • Personal safety

  • Different epoxy types and their uses

  • Bubbles, bubbles and bubbles

  • Home studio safety

  • Epoxy manufacturing processes

  • and much more!

To start I want to introduce you to Nerpa in case you haven't already met. I'm going to do that by sharing what is on Nerpa's About Us page below and if these two simple paragraphs don't convince you then I don't know what will.

I look forward to helping you wade through the noise.

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