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I tested epoxy and alcohol ink in the sun and here's what happened

It’s no secret that resin can yellow and alcohol inks can fade if exposed to a lot of sunlight. I’ve heard of some that happens very quickly especially with alcohol inks so I decided to test it out.

I have a south facing bay window that gets a tremendous amount of sun (it’s where I grow my veggies!) I put this little heart that was colored with alcohol ink in the window back in April of last year.

resin heart being placed in the sun

I then documented how it looked 3 months later on July 31, 2023. Not much difference at that point.

resin heart after 3 months

Then I sort of forgot about it until today - March 4th, 2024. So here it is almost a year later.

resin heart after 11 months

Let's do a side by side comparison:

comparison photo

You can see some slight discoloration in the alcohol ink. It went from a pinkish color to more of a coral color, but the resin did not yellow at all.

Here’s what I know without actually having to do a test though: not all resin is created equal and not all alcohol inks are created equal.

This heart was made with my preferred resin and alcohol ink and they’re preferred by me for a reason. I find that people often will settle for less expensive over quality but if you want your art to last then invest in it.

You can look up videos on YouTube of others testing this exact thing and how fast some of the bigger named epoxies will yellow may shock you so make sure you research before you buy.

When it comes to epoxy you want something with a good UV rating. It should say right on the bottle or their website. If it doesn't then you may be taking your chances that it will stay nice and clear. ALL epoxy will yellow slightly over time but how fast and how much definitely depends on the epoxy you use.

The resin I use is sustainably produced Nerpa Polymers resin

I use Jacquard Products Pinata Alcohol Inks which you can buy on Amazon here:

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases that you may make through my links.


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