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Big Changes!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

New and exciting things are happening around here! I've decided to listen to my gut, dive in and take some chances!

New Website!

I know it has only been a few years since I created my last new website but in those years a lot of change has taken place. I began working with resin, I eliminated some products, added others and I created a whole new vision for Bouncing Off The Walls with the decision to focus on some new products that were very different than anything else I had been creating for the past 16 years. To sum it up - I rebranded!

When I began working with resin in the summer of 2020 I had no idea how much I would fall in love with it or how much you would as well. With the market over saturated with people making wooden name signs coupled with the passion I was feeling for the resin art I decided to start focusing more on the art and less on the signs. Of course I had doubts! Should I really do this? Stop making the items that have kept me going for so many years? It may not be the way a lot of people would advise you to make decisions but I have always stuck by my gut and intuition and that gut was screaming at me to go for it. So, I am!

I started earlier this year by eliminating my less popular items and the items that you could get from other makers very easily. (like slowly ripping the band-aid off!) I invested in some business courses and really took the time to figure out my goals and work on my branding. An ongoing process that I am still taking the time to fine tune every day. I created a new logo and fixed up all my social media to showcase my resin work. I started working on a new website myself. I know this is crazy to do your own but I do have a bit of experience with website building and decided that I would not rush but instead take my time to make sure I had everything just how I wanted it. I'm sure that will also be a daily ongoing process!

This brings me to the next big change and maybe the hardest one to decide. With so many people creating wooden names I have decided that the only names or letters I will sell now will be unpainted ones. As of the publication of this blog post Bouncing Off The Walls will sell unpainted names, lettering and shapes only. Unless of course you would like your name or lettering done with resin as I will be slowly creating a line of resin letter/name designs! I look forward to working with you to get creative and make some meaningful, sentimental resin artwork, letters and signs!

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