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Patents Copyright & Trademarks Oh My!

Did you know that today is World Intellectual Property Day? Who would? It is observed every year on April 26th. The day is celebrated to raise awareness of the impact of how patents, copyright, trademarks and design affect our daily life.

Having a business like mine this is especially important as I get asked all the time if I can do characters, sports logos or even exact replicas of someone else’s work. My answer is always the same and that is no!

If you are the rightful owner of the logo or piece of work that is being replicated then sure! Otherwise you’ll have to find somebody else. I also often will get in response to my no, “Other people are doing it!” Well, good for them. I won’t.

Not only is it not worth the risk for my business to potentially face a lawsuit but it’s not fair to the owner of the artwork and it’s just not original and creative. It may seem like it’s no big deal because someone like Disney makes a ton of money already but the bottom line is it’s stealing and making money off someone else’s work. Period. Copying another artists work is just plain not ok.

I will always be happy to create unique and original pieces and if you’ve found something you love online then find the original source. After all, no one is going to replicate a piece as well as the original creator!


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