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The Christmas Collection is Here!

Last year was the first year adding any sort of Christmas ornament and it taught me something. You guys want ornaments! Returning this year are the wooden stocking tags along with the wooden snowflake pawprints but along with them I've added resin! Many new ornaments with the classic Northern Lights theme from dog and cat breed ornaments and animal silhouettes to holographic snowflakes this year is all about LIGHT! How it reflects, how it glows, how it shines! Knowing how popular my classic Northern Lights is I have created a line of dog and cat ornaments with the option for different dog and cat breeds, just their names or even with wings as a way to memorialize your furry friends.

Then there are the snowflakes! Just like real snowflakes these ornaments are truly one of a kind in that no two are exactly alike! These holographic snowflake ornaments are so unique that there is only one of each design but don't worry! So far I've made almost 100 of them! With these snowflake ornaments I combined resin with pigment and alcohol ink never knowing what the design would look like until the resin had cured and I removed them from their mold. By far one of my favourite processes so far!

Of course, if you are after some of the ornaments I introduced last year like the wooden stocking tags and wooden pawprint ornaments then I still have those too! I wanted to add metallic acrylic options for the stocking tags this year but unfortunately the cost of acrylic was too prohibitive so we'll just stick to the wooden ones for now.

Whatever your preference for hand made Christmas ornaments make sure to get yours ordered before December 5th, 2021 so we can get it to you in time for Christmas!


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