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Three ways to reduce waste as a resin artist

Happy Earth Day! It's no secret that resin isn't the most environmentally friendly art medium but that doesn't mean you can't still do some small things to make a big difference. Here are just three things that I do to try and reduce the waste I make.

  1. Use reusable silicone cups and mixing sticks for your resin. If you're using plastic cups or containers all the time not only does that waste add up in the landfills but it's not as cost effective either! Invest in some silicone cups and sticks that you can reuse all the time and you'll be thankful you did! With the silicone the cured resin just peels right off and you're good to go again.

Where to buy? I've got some great ones right in my Amazon Store so here's the links!

2. It's no secret that I switched to Nera Polymers resin or why. Manufactured in an environmentally positive way using recycled glycerol not only is it a safer resin for me but it's manufactured in a way that is much better for the environment! Plus it doesn't contain nonylphenol so that's an added bonus!

3. And how about those drips? Depending on how much resin you're pouring you can end up with A LOT of drip waste that adds up over time. Instead of throwing that plastic in the trash keep it! There are so many crafts and creative things you can make using those drips. I have a big container that my drips are in and plans to create a mosaic soon. You can turn them into jewelry, magnets or make them part of a larger project!

There are many more ways you can help reduce waste when you use resin (silicone drop sheets!) but these three are some of the easy quick ones that you can do without much effort. Happy Earth Day!

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