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Updated: Mar 6

I love making textured stormy, frothy ocean resin art and through a lot of experimenting have developed some techniques to create gorgeous waves using modeling paste. This method not only gives your art amazing depth but also gives you control on how you would like your piece to look and eliminates the need to try and achieve lacey cells with white pastes. In this tutorial I'm going to show you the basics for creating waves with modeling paste in the hopes that you can use what you've learned to experiment and develop your own methods and techniques.

You will need: Modeling paste, a pallet knife and parchment paper. It is not necessary to have an art piece to work on as you can follow along and practice on some cardboard or paper if you wish but for this tutorial I am going to show from a basic ocean pour how I add the waves so it's your choice how you would like to follow along.

Want to shop supplies before you start? I am using a two part coating epoxy from Nerpa Polymers resin as it is an environmentally positive resin made using renewable carbon:

The pigments are from Black Diamond Pigments:

🛒Here is my list of the rest of the supplies in one nice little link to my Amazon Canada storefront:

🛒Here is my list of the supplies in one nice link to my Amazon US storefront:

Disclaimer - should you choose to shop through my Amazon links I will receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!

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