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My First Resin Art Piece Was Terrible!

And someone I don't know bought it! When I decided to try resin almost three years ago now I didn't start small. I had big ideas in my head and zero knowledge of anything resin but decided an Alberta Skies stormy prairie piece was going to happen. A bit ambitious? Maybe.

I struggled SO MUCH with this piece. I way overused my heat gun thinking that was how you could make colours blend. (wrong!) I didn't do the layering properly because I didn't really have the concept yet. There was also supposed to be lightening in this! That's why there's pink there. I completely failed at the lightening aspect and then had to figure out how to cover it up because it looked so terrible that I went heavy on the white and pink overtop so you couldn't see my lightening fail.

Two things to take note of, however. One, I learned A LOT making this piece. Those struggles? They taught me what didn't work and what did. They taught me how resin moves and blends. They taught me how to do it better the next time. To keep trying. I'm fairly stubborn and competitive with myself so stopping was never an option. THIS is how you figure out your techniques - by experimenting, by doing. Hands on just go for it.

Two. Someone bought it! A stranger on the internet! Not someone I know taking pity on me but someone I don't know that actually liked it and chose to spend their money on it! I will never forget that moment because this was the first fine art piece I had ever made from my heart that someone wanted and purchased. I truly felt so honoured. Also a little bad that they have this piece when I can do so much better now!

I hear from a lot of people that say they want to start using resin but they're scared or don't know where to start. I say just start. The best way to learn is to try and the best way to get better is to fail and learn from those failures. No one attempts resin for the first time and nails it. No one.

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