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Northern Lights Resin Pendant Tutorial

Northern Lights resin pendant

Have you heard of Benable? Benable is a place where you can make shareable lists of all your favorite recommendations be it places to visit, things to do, products, services what have you. What does that have to do with a Northern Lights Resin pendant tutorial? Well, when I make my tutorials I like to share where you can find all the tools and products you need to follow along and as a student it can be tricky because I don't get all my stuff from one place meaning I have to post multiple links to multiple products and then you're having to click all over the place to find everything. Not with Benable.

With Benable I've been able to make ONE PLACE to not only share the link to the actual tutorial but to put ALL the links to ALL the products in one list. So. Much. Easier! Have a look - here is my Pendant tutorial and product list all in one place:

Northern Lights Pendant Tutorial Benable list

So much easier, right?

Right now Benable is invite only for those wanting to MAKE a list or an account but it's public for those wanting to view lists.

Want an invite code? Here you go! You can skip the waitlist and create your own shareable lists by signing up using my invite link:

What's awesome is I can break the list down into categories so one section for all the pigments I use, one section for the tools etc. I really am loving it and can't wait until it's out of Beta and into the world as I think it's going to make finding great stuff easier.

Have you been on Benable? If so what did you think? If you have an account let me know and I'll follow you!

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