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Top Five Tools I can't live without as a resin artist

Creating resin art requires tools and materials before you even begin and it can definitely be an expensive craft. If you are just starting out the overload of information can be daunting. What stuff do you REALLY need? Epoxy aside it's really easy to spend a lot of money and then end up with items you don't need. Well, the answer will depend on what sort of resin art you are attempting of course as they aren't all the same. Some people work strictly making smaller resin items in molds and others, like me, create on wood or other surfaces. No matter which type of resin art you are into these five items are my own personal favorite must have items that make my life so much easier. Now everyone's list may be different of course but here is why I love these products.

1. Gorilla Tape

For me this is essential but a lot don't use it and that is just fine if you find another way. A common question for those doing resin art is "how do you clean your cups and tools?" While you can peel most of the cured resin off of silicone cups and tools there is always little drips and drops that are hard to get off. That's where the Gorilla tape comes in. Why Gorilla tape? Because I've tried them all and I find it works the best! You can use painter's tape or duct tape but I find the Gorilla tape picks up more of the stubborn drips than any other adhesive method.

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2. Deburring Tool

This is a great little tool if you are doing a lot of work with resin in molds. It's inexpensive and takes the sharp edges or your piece off easily and without creating dust that sanding would. It has a swivel interchangeable head and fits easily in the palm of your hand.

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3. Minwax Paste Finishing Wax

This one is my holy grail! I have made countless videos showing the benefits of Minwax Finishing Paste to make drip removal easier because everyone asks! This can isn't on the lower priced side of things but it goes a long way and saves hours and hours of hard work! I use this on almost every project. I rub a little on the back edges of each art surface and it creates a barrier between the wood or art surface and the resin. When the resin cures the drips literally pop right off. It is a life saver and the reason I don't use painter's tape. I will mention that this does come down to personal preference though and nothing seems to stir up debate like the question of how to remove resin drips. Some people prefer the tape or liquid latex and it's going to come down to the project you're working on and your own preferences. I will be touching more on drip removal further into the course.

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4. OXO Large Silicone Cup

Yes, there are lots of silicone mixing cups out there but let me tell you why this particular one is my favorite! First off - it's large. Not many come in sizes bigger than 8oz but this bad boy holds 32oz of resin which I love when I'm pouring big projects or lots of items at once. Second it's sturdy! A lot of silicone cups are quite flimsy and don't last long. This one is nice and sturdy and holds up well. Lastly - the numbers don't fade off. There is nothing worse than the numbers fading off a cup you need to measure with making the cup useless. This cups numbers stay perfect even after many uses and cleaning.

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5. Paint Scraper

I put this under non-essential items when I started writing my beginner resin course because I did survive without one when I first started but honestly I couldn't live without mine! I use it for removing drips off the backs of projects and for cleaning up my tables. It's just a handy dandy tool that is inexpensive and plays a big role in my tool box.

Canadians buy here:

Your list may look entirely different than mine but if even one of these items makes you think "why didn't I think of that?" then I'm glad I was able to share with you. Fellow resin artists what are some of the items YOU can't live without?

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase any of these items from the links provided know that I will receive a small commission

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