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A Must Have Tool for Resin Artists

I get asked all the time what tool I'm using when people see this little red-head go to work in one of my videos. This tool is called a de-burring tool and it's once of the most inexpensive tools I have but also one I couldn't live without!

With a swivel head that you can swap out it is the ideal tool for taking that extra sharp lip of any resin piece that has been poured in a mold. It's simple to use in that you just run it around the edges of your art piece and it smoothly takes that lip off nice and clean.

You can, of course also sand those lips off but I find this tool to be a much quicker and cleaner alternative. Watch my video below to see how I use mine!

If you think you'd like to give a deburring tool a try you can find one here in my Amazon storefront


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