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Is it Safe to Work With Resin in Your Home?

Where people create with resin really differs. Some do large pieces and have a full shop, others have very little space and find themselves at their kitchen table. But is it safe to work with resin in your home?

The answer to this question can make a difference depending on the epoxy brand you are using so the number one thing you should be doing is reading the material safety data sheet and instructions for the epoxy you're buying. Most will give you detailed information. If it doesn't perhaps you should switch to a brand that does!

Here is what Nerpa Polymers has to say about working with resin in your home or home studio (as I do!)

Yes, you can use epoxy in your home, but you should take precautions to ensure safety. Work in a well-ventilated area which is important for some epoxy brands when their products SDS contain this pictogram:

No pets or children should be around, wear appropriate PPE (gloves and goggles) and cover any surfaces you want to protect.

Speaking of children, resin crafts are increasing in popularity with kids. A lot of children are getting creative and making their own fun things but is it a child-friendly hobby?

Nerpa tells us that it's best to avoid allowing young children to work with resin, as they may not have the necessary understanding or discipline to handle the materials safely. Even experienced adults have splashes of liquid resin happen once in a while during the application process. Older kids and teenagers can participate in resin crafts if supervised and wearing proper PPE, including proper clothing, gloves and safety goggles. Ensure they understand the importance of safety precautions and can follow the manufacturer's instructions. You know your children best so you'll know if they are mature enough to understand the importance of proper safety.

So what type of mask is best? You want to make sure your mask is a N95 or N95 equivalent rating which means that it will block 95% of small particles. Choose one with filters you can swap out when they get dirty and trust me, they get dirty! It also helps if you can adjust the straps for a comfortable fit.

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